• A standard size blanket "square" is 15" x 15".  However, I often do custom sizes and piecing to accommodate your particular shirts (at no extra charge). 
  • I can use both the fronts and backs of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, and even sweatpant legs, sleeves, and pockets.  Be creative!
  • Please do not cut your shirts before sending to me.
  • Please make sure that all shirts are pre-washed before sending.
  • Please mark the sides of the shirts you want used with a piece of masking tape (no duct or packing tape, please) or a safety pin.  Please number your shirts in order of importance - this will help with the layout of your blanket.
  • I suggest that you send in a few extra shirts just in case I need an extra piece for your design.  Please mark your extras.  If not cut and used, extra shirts will be returned with the finished blanket.
  • All cut and unused shirt parts will be discarded.

‚ÄčT-Shirt Blanket Shop

T-Shirt Blanket Shop Facts


  • Wash your blanket separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.  Add your liquid laundry detergent before putting your blanket in the washer.
  • Remove your blanket immediately after washing. 
  • Sometimes colors can run from one shirt to another if the blanket is left to sit in the washing machine.
  • Put your blanket in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes to tumble and fluff up.  Then lay flat somewhere to finish drying.
  • After your blanket is dry, you can tumble it in the dryer for a few more minutes to soften it up.


  • Your shirts will be deconstructed, folded to size, and thoughtfully laid out in an eye pleasing design. At this point you will be emailed photos for design approval before sewing.  After design approval, changes cannot be made.
  • T-shirts are then stabilized with Pellon featherweight interfacing.  This provides stability for the blanket without sacrificing softness.
  • Your shirts are cut to precise size and the top of the blanket is sewn, carefully matching seams.
  • Your blanket is filled with super soft pre-shrunk Dream Blend batting and backed with pre-washed fleece in your choice of color. 
  • Your blanket is then machine quilted along all seams for durability.
  • Simplicity pre-washed double fold quilt binding in your choice of color finishes off your blanket.