Turn your treasured t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys into a cozy, functional, and unique work of art!  What sets my t shirt blankets apart from other t shirt memory quilts is my eye for design.  Every t-shirt blanket is treated as an individual work of art; not just a cookie cutter t-shirt quilt.

Each t-shirt blanket is carefully cut and laid out in an original eye pleasing pattern.  Not every "square" is exactly the same size and sometimes "squares" are pieced from small pieces such as sleeves or pockets.  This is done at no extra charge.   In my t-shirt blanket designs, pieces are often rotated or even placed at a diagonal.  This makes for an interesting t-shirt blanket with no top or bottom.  Of course, if you prefer, I can piece your t-shirt blanket traditionally (all in one direction).  I balance colors and look for overall symmetry in every t-shirt blanket.  And, yes, you can even be involved in the design of your blanket.  I will email photos of your blanket design for approval before final cutting and sewing.

My t-shirt blankets also offer the coziness factor.  The entire blanket front is made up of your t-shirts with no stiff sashing between.  My batting is pre-shrunk cotton blend which makes for a lightweight, yet warm t-shirt blanket.  The backing is pre-washed fleece in your choice of color (no stiff cotton muslin is used.)  These t-shirt blankets are designed for comfort and use.

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Creating cozy and functional one-of-a-kind works of art

Creating cozy and functional one-of-a-kind works of art