T-Shirt Blanket Shop


  • ​When I receive your order I will email you a timeline for your blanket along with a PayPal invoice for your 50% deposit.
  • Once I have a preliminary layout of your blanket, you will be emailed photos and any questions I may have.  Please watch your email.  I do not proceed without design approval.
  • I will email photos again when your blanket is finished along with a PayPal invoice for your final payment.
  • Once final payment is made, your package will be shipped via UPS or USPS insured mail.
  • ​The entire process usually takes 4-6 weeks.

T Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Blanket Shop ordering procedure


  • ​I can use both the fronts and back of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, including logos on sleeves, pant legs, and pockets.  Consider including sport towels, bandanas, flannels, uniforms, etc.   Be creative!
  • ​Please do not cut your shirts before sending to me.  If your shirts have already been cut, I can accommodate, but there may be an additional charge.
  • ​Please make sure all of your garments are clean before shipping.  Wash and dry all new t-shirts to insure they are pre-shrunk.  A $50 surcharge will be added for any order that needs to be laundered - this includes shirts with body odor, mildew, or animal hair.
  • ​Please mark the sides/parts of the shirts/garments you want used with a small piece of masking tape or blue painters' tape (do not use duct tape or shipping tape - too sticky.)  Just use a small piece of tape on the side of the shirt you want included in your design.  DO NOT outline the logos with tape or put tape over the logos.
  • ​Please number your shirts in order of importance - this will help with the layout of your blanket.  Also mark "do not use" on parts of shirts you definitely do not want in your blanket.  You can write on the masking tape special instructions like "front only", "both sides", "center", "very important", etc.
  • ​I suggest that you send in a few extra shirts just in case I need an extra piece for your design.  Please mark the extras.  If not cut and used, extra shirts will be returned with the finished blanket.  All cut and unused shirt parts will be discarded.
  • ​Up to two appliques (patches) are included with each blanket.  Additional appliques are $5 each.


  • Print and fill out order form completely.​
  • Package your shirts in a sturdy box along with the filled out order form.
  • Send package to the address on the order form via your choice of carrier.  You are responsible for the payment of your package to me.  Please purchase delivery confirmation and insurance so you can track your package.  I am not responsible for lost packages being sent to me.